Welcome to the Tri-State Rebels Chapter of the S*M*A*R*T Travel Club.
  Our Chapter
was formed on 24 September 1988 with 9 members; we now have approximately 90 members.  Chapter dues are $12.00 per year ($1.00 per month) and are due each January 1st. 
Our members are from all five Services and are full and part-timers with varying styles and types of RV’s.  We all share the common thread of “having served” and enjoy socializing, having fun, and the camaraderie of carrying out the S*M*A*R*T motto, “Seeing the Country We Defend”.

    Our campouts are called “Musters”, a term we’re all familiar with.  Musters are held every other month beginning in January, in Georgia, South Carolina or North Carolina.  It isn't uncommon to have over 25 rigs attending our Musters.  

    On our  website you will find Administrative information, comments  from the Chapter President, photos of the Chapter Officers, Muster schedules, anticipated weather during the time frame of each upcoming Muster, photos of earlier Musters, a Sunshine Report pertaining to the current status of members with health issues, our Treasurers Report, a member photo page and links to other RV websites and to  S*M*A*R*T National Headquarters.  Also, our Newsletter, " The Rebel Yell" is available in a PDF printable version. 

     Please consider joining our Chapter of fun loving and supportive members where prior (or current) military rank or grade, though respected, has no standing.   
    To become a member, one must first  meet the requirements of SMART National Headquarters http://www.smartrving.net.   Click on the following links for additional information about our
Chapter By-lawsStanding Rules, and a Chapter Membership Application
Come join us!!    

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